Human beings are naturally very sociable, and relationships are centrally important to most of us. This can explain why our health and happiness suffers when our relationships go wrong. Therefore, the better our relationships work, the happier and healthier we are going to be.
In the workplace, having good relationships with colleagues and others in the professional environment boosts confidence and is valuable for career development.  Perhaps more importantly good relationships mean that we can enjoy the company of others and experience positive interactions and build meaningful friendships.

Rather than spending our time and energy feeling stress, angry, anxious, and worried……. we can focus on getting on with our family, work, and social life.

Good communication is a vital ingredient for any successful relationship. But sometimes we are unable to communicate effectively and instead find ourselves stuck in a state of arguing and unhappiness and in a downward spiral.

How I will work with you
We will explore the relationships that are difficult and look at feelings, behaviours and your part in maintaining the relationship issue. We will look at how you are responding and develop awareness of what may be going on for you.
You may wish to attend individually or with a partner

My counselling approach is humanistic integrative; as part of our work together I will help you to understand the CBT model and gain some awareness of Transactional Analysis.

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