Loss and Change

Nothing stays the same.

As we go through life we are constantly adapting to the changes it brings; education, leaving home, changing jobs, changes in family life and retirement.

We change physically too; facing illness, disability, menopause, aging and adapting our lifestyle to suit.

We know all of this but sometimes change seems to throw us too much of a challenge. Sometimes we don’t have time to prepare and our future plans are in ruins due to redundancy or relationship breakdown.

We struggle with the loss of the familiar and don’t want the new set up and life style we are presented with. Even changes we have chosen can provide a roller coaster of excitement and disappointment as we balance the gains and losses.

It takes time to adapt, sometimes longer than we expect. The truth is that change often does not happen in isolation and the pace of life does not slow for you down while you catch up.

Counselling can help you to take stock of your life and as it is now and look at your relationship with yourself and others.  It can help you to review the experiences that have impacted on you and make sense of your feelings, which may be varied and conflicting.

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