Health Issues

When our physical health suffers we have an understandable emotional reaction. This response in turn influences recovery from the physical predicament. There isn’t a single serious physical medical problem which doesn’t have important psychological repercussions.

For example you may be living with; asthma, IBS, cancer, M.E, heart disease, fibromyalgia, M.S or experiencing symptoms as yet undiagnosed.

How we feel physically does have an effect on emotional wellbeing and our attitude to life and the demands it brings. Our normal coping strategies may no longer work for us and instead mood and behaviours may change. Relationships can suffer as a result of the changes and adjustments being made; both practical and emotional.

How I will work with you
I can be an impartial listener and help you to make sense of your experience and choices. I can’t take the problem away but I can help you to feel clearer about your feelings and work with you to look freshly at your relationship with yourself and with others. I can help you sort through your feelings

As a counsellor, my relationship with you is supportive, professional and boundaried, this enables me to be objective when many other family and friends may emotional and not yet able to give you the help and support you really need.

I have a humanistic integrative approach to counselling and will talk through with you the CBT model if it helps you to make sense of your experience.

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