Depression can develop slowly. Someone who is depressed doesn’t always realise or acknowledge that they’re not behaving as they usually do.

It may be a partner, family member or carer who has realised help is needed and is encouraging you to see a doctor or find another source of support.

There are many symptoms of depression. These include low mood, feelings of hopelessness, low self esteem, irritability, lack of energy and problems with sleep.

How I will work with you:

Firstly we will put together a picture of how you have been feeling recently and any particular symptoms or changes in behaviour you are aware of. I will encourage you to get any symptoms checked out by your GP as many symptoms of low mood and depression are common to a range of issues.

You will know whether how you are feeling is familiar to you, or a relatively new experience.

Some of the things we will explore together are; triggers to low mood, thinking patterns, personal history and patterns of behaviour, lifestyle and energy levels, feelings and experiences (particularly those you don’t usually share), personal resources.

You will not be put under any pressure to talk and share difficult feelings before you are ready.

My counselling approach is humanistic integrative; as part of our work together I may help you to understand the CBT model, I also use EMDR in my practise and this widely used with depression.






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