Anxiety, Worry and Panic can have a major impact on day to day life and on others around you. Physical symptoms can feel quite frightening at times and seem to happen to you for no apparent reason. Friends and family may want to be supportive but simply not be able to understand what you are experiencing.

How I will work with you.

Firstly we will put together a picture of how you have been feeling recently and any particular symptoms or changes in behaviour you are aware of. We will need to talk about how and when you are anxious; this will help us to firstly understand whether you are in an ‘anxious state’ most of the time (GAD) or experience anxiety at particular times. Many people know that they are anxious and worry perhaps habitually; others may experience quite sudden panic feelings, or feel quite unwell without realising why.

Some of the things we will explore together are; understanding and managing physical symptoms of anxiety, looking in detail at situations to understand the link between thinking, emotion, physiology, and behaviour, recognising triggers and fear full thinking and talking about worries.

Our thoughts have a big impact on the way we feel, changing our unhelpful thoughts to realistic or helpful ones is a key to feeling better.

You will not be put under any pressure to talk and share difficult feelings before you are ready.

My counselling approach is humanistic integrative; as part of our work together I will help you to understand the CBT model, I also use EMDR in my practise, this is often an effective approach for anxiety.


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